Cleaning VS Disinfecting

When it comes to cleaning there seems to be much confusion about what needs disinfecting and what is the role of just cleaning. To make things simple lets clarify what cleaning is what disinfecting is and how each one is done properly. Many people mistakenly substitute disinfecting for cleaning. To put it simply cleaning properly means removing any surface  contaminants, dirt or visible soiling. This is done by using proper cleaning methods such as scrubbing, wiping, mopping, rinsing and drying. Water is the main thing necessary but cleaning solutions like degreasers can make the job easier if there is a buildup of dirt. If cleaning was done properly no dirt should remain. However bacteria or germs that may be harmful can still be present and remain from that dirt. Although they cannot be seen they can pose a sanitary issue. This is where disinfecting comes in. By using a disinfectant such as bleach, many soaps, alcohol or ammonia this will kill these germs and bacteria. However where many people go wrong is by disinfecting instead of properly cleaning. Imagine eating spoiled food that was treated with disinfectants. You are still ingesting harmful food. The same goes for cleaning. Trying to just kill the germs  but not remove the dirt will not create a sanitary and healthy environment.